Top 5: Space games for Nokia Lumia

Top 5: Space games for Nokia Lumia

Here is collection of our top 5 Space games for your Lumia (Windows Phone) device.

Radiant, £1.49
This game gives a retro feel because of its graphic. The game consists of driving the spaceship left an right, as the asteroids and the aliens will come from above, trying to take you down. You must kill them with auto-fire for clearing your way to advance to the next level and to unlock new weapons.

Space Taxi, Free
As the name says, you are driving your own spaceship on different planets, you can launch your aircraft to the nearest golden star to collect these, just to gain more points. Do you think it is easy? Here comes the hard part: you have to collect all if them, just with one launch.

Danger Wing, Free
You are guiding the spaceship through the outer space and you have to steer left, right, up, down to dodge the incoming foe in your way. Also, you have to shoot to escape of this array of foe.

Space Invader 7, £1.29
This game is the replacement of those games that we all used to play at the arcade machines after classes. You have to go back and forth, trying to take down the invaders and stop the enemy invasion, as you shoot them while sliding.

Spell Ship Tactics, £2.29
This game is different from the one presented up above. You must move the spaceship in different direction, but it depends on the class ship that you are driving. Some of the spaceships can go only back and forth, while others can go to any of the squares around them.


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