Nokia makes the difference with its location-based services

Nokia makes the difference with its location-based services

An announcement made on June 20th regarding the availability of Nokia Drive, the devices that do not support the Windows Phone 8 gave at their turn a very interesting feedback, which is in pending for a response. In our days, the navigation on a smartphone or even on a normal phone (this is not available only for Windows Phones) has become a standard feature.

After several of years of navigation (after the launching of Gate5 and NAVTEQ), we all started to use it, as it is very useful. After that, every user said that the personal navigation device or PND was a choice between having or not a navigation, even if this service wouldn’t be so important for a smartphone. So, this is the plausible reason to introduce this navigation called PND and the smartphone that had the first GPS from all models, on the markets all over the world.

After all that happened, people’s opinions are different from user to user. The smartphones creates a great experience between the user and its technology, as we meet them in every step and moment of our life, such as in the car, while walking, at cinema, in town, home and so on. Now, let’s think about something: the navigation is a specific feature for smartphone, as we find it in each of them. It is as useful as every music player from any type of phone, so: would you buy a smartphone that hasn’t got music player? I don’t think so. Lucky for us that nowadays, all the smartphones have music player and navigation.



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