Will the Windows Phone 8 devices be compatible with Adobe Flash?

Will the Windows Phone 8 devices be compatible with Adobe Flash?

The most popular platform of plugins, mostly for browsers, has lost its fame against the new plugins that have appeared in the past years. Once with the technology, even the applications, tools, plugins and even the software of the phones have been changed, in keeping the step with all the brand new improvements brought to every gadget or device. One of the main reasons was the adoption of the HTML5 by the big brands such as Google, Apple or even Microsoft. These companies didn’t allowed the flash to run on their OS, because it has big system requirements and provides the lowest possible quality. But this is not the end, as we find it on the Android platform or even on OEMs for re-stalling it on different devices.

On June 28th, these big brands announced that the Adobe Flash Player won’t be available on Android’s latest Jelly Bean version, nor in the Google Play Store. On the other side, Adobe made an agreement with Windows, so that they could introduce the Flash for both Windows 8 and RT, so that certain website will be able to run this program on Windows platform. Now, my question is: is the Flash going to be used with the Internet Explorer 10, which is used on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8? If the answer is yes, well, it means that the Flash will be back as soon as possible for its website consumers. So, I am asking for your opinion: do you think the Adobe Flash will really be necessary on the future platform of Windows Phone 8?



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