Lumia App #54: TennisEye

Lumia App #54: TennisEye

Football is maybe the most popular sport in the world. However, tennis has its own fans. Played on small field either indoor or outdoor, this sport can provide much to watch or even to play. For tennis players themselves, tt is also interesting and important to follow any update of certain games or events. The problem for tennis fans is that the news from tennis games is more difficult to access than football news. That is why they need to have TennisEye on their Windows Phone.

TennisEye brings many updated information come from tennis sport. The news are various; from the results of various big games, the information about any tennis event, the schedule of tournaments in a month all over the world, and even the gossip about your favorite tennis players. You can also track the score of some matches that are played live.

With this application on your Windows Phone, it feels like you have an eye everywhere on the tennis world. Therefore, you can access all news related to tennis without even reading any sport newspaper. What you need is just to make some simple taps on your phone screen, and this app will bring you closer to the world of tennis.

App price: free


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