Official Twitter app now with Push Notifications – v1.5

Official Twitter app now with Push Notifications – v1.5

This is official: Twitter comes with in updated version, that adds real push notifications, because it has never been good enough, compared with the Windows Phone applications, that are updated from time to time. With this new feature, you have notifications such as new mentions, messages, users that wants to add you, favorites, retweets and much more. Also, you can enable or disable such options if you don’t want to receive all of these, because the page comes with this feature.

Also, you can watch videos on Youtube and subscribe to the channel to get in touch with the latest videos, before they get posted and viewed by other users or members. Now, this application is available for all Windows Phones, so that this updated one is much better than the last one, which had a lot of delays before you could see your notifications, talk with your friends, view some videos and other features that the application was providing to you as user.

So, this application was made for those who want to check their notifications, watch videos, add friends or retweets. This tool wasn’t made for those who want to reply to all or are in desperate need of thumbnail previews, nor the sharing option for the photo album isn’t available within this application. So, if you just want to see how are your friends, or talk with them, this will fit perfectly to you. Download app from WP Marketplace.


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