Windows Phone 8 with new on-screen keyboard?

Windows Phone 8 with new on-screen keyboard?

Well, this is how it goes: some users shared the idea of a new one handed design keyboard with those from Microsoft for the new Windows Phone 8. There is a photo circulating on the internet with this type of photo, which also appeared into one of the Microsoft Research presentations. So this is how it works: it is designed for one handed typing, so that you don’t have to look while typing, because the soft of the keyboard decides what is the word that you are actually typing and it is entering it for you.┬áThe keyboard comes with several keys grouped together to make a perfect soft keyboard.

This would be the most radical change made by the Microsoft Corporation, so that this type of keyboard remembers us about the curved ones from the Microsoft UMPC. This keyboard will be introduced once with the launching of the new Windows Phone 8. Other brands such as Apollo are up to make themselves a national soft keyboard, with a Korean design for the Windows Phone 7.8, found on the already launched HTC Trophy. So, in conclusion, what is your opinion about this keyboard? Does it look good or should they keep the old one? As they say: oldies are goldies and they are sure for me.



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