Lumia Game #56: Connect2!

Lumia Game #56: Connect2!

The Connect2! game is now available for free downloading. It is a puzzle game, based on a picture against the clock. This is how it is: you have to match the pictures in pairs to create a path, but you must be careful, as the path can be blocked by other tiles. When you match the picture in one or more pairs, they will disappear and will let you continue your game to the next level. Also, it is a race against the clock, so you must complete all the block within the specified time to advance to the next level. You will lose only if you haven’t got any moves left or you are out of time on the clock.

This game is powered by XPGLive, which allows you to login to both Facebook and / or Twitter, just to subscribe your highest score. Also, while logging in onto one of these two social networks, you can check the highest score of the day, week, month, as many users are playing this game, so that you can compete with players around the world to gain a place in the top 10 in one of the four leader boards.

Also, here are other important details about this game:

There are more than 16 different levels;
You have Online and Local Leaderboards! (Powered by XPGLive);
The both Facebook and Twitter social networks are available for login, just to use and check the online leader boards;
You benefit from a very fast application switching and from Autosave;
The game is integrated with cool graphics, sounds and animations.

App price: Free


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