Lumia App #56: Post Protector

Lumia App #56: Post Protector

Now, did you know that thousands even millions of social posts for the social networks are lost every year, such as those for Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn? Yes it is true and tragically at the same time. Why and how does this happen? Well, here is the answer: many of the social posts are lost because of the using of the “Me” most of the time to make an update from your phone (that has a weak network) or even because of the issues encountered at the social networks. All these happened to all of us until now. Well, lucky for us, the Post Protector fixes these bugs, so that we don’t have to re-type the social status updates again and again.

When you are launching the Post Protector application right from your Windows Phone it allows the user to type in a post, or even to launch the social chat, both at the same time. Also, the application maintains the history of your chat, posts and messages, so that it will allow you to resend the post again if it doesn’t work from the beginning. You can download it right away from the Windows Phone Marketplace, so that you can try it as it is for free, so that you don’t need to re-type the posts again, even if you are posting from a plane, train, car and so on.

App price: Free


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