Inside Nokia Antenna Labs

Inside Nokia Antenna Labs

Now, as all the users do, we have to think about many things that we like, before we buy a smartphone, like: how many megapixels has the camera? or how many inches has the display? or does it have the latest updates? or does it have the latest games? or does it have a lot of applications and a very responsive touchscreen? Now, these are some of the many things that we are thinking while we are buying a smartphone. Lucky for us is that we don’t have to test if the phone’s components work as they should, because this job belongs to guys like Randy Leenerts, who make sure that these work for sure.

Mobile phone = radio
“To me the mobile phone is just a radio”, says Randy, who works in one of Nokia’s lab in Dallas, Texas. “We’re just looking at the transmitter and how well it will transmit the signal to the base station. We also measure the sensitivity of the receiver and how well it can hear the base station. That’s it.”

The testing chamber
The main and the most important part of the equipment used in such process is called Anechoic Chamber. Also, it is the quietest place, because, silence is very important as somebody used to say: silence is golden.

The important final step
The antenna is already designed, positioned and even implemented into the phone, so that when all the parts reached to the phone, its assembling is almost complete.

Metal is an antenna nightmare
“People love their shiny metal-backed covers, but that’s very bad for antennas. Putting antennas behind plastic covers is also a big challenge. Depending on where the users put their fingers, the positioning of the antenna can also have a huge effect on performance.”



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