Interview with Matt Marshall (VentureBeat CEO)

Interview with Matt Marshall (VentureBeat CEO)

VentureBeat CEO Matt Marshall is express his point of view about the Nokia’s place in the future of the mobile phones. Also, a week ago, Matt Marshall (who is the CEO and founder at the VentureBeat) was on an opened conference (at the MobileBeat 2012), talking about, from his point of view where should Nokia take place in the Top of the phone brands all over the world. Even if you think that he will say something bad about Nokia, well it isn’t like that: the brand has a great beginning in this regard. He says that the Nokia Lumia Series had and is still having a great success, beginning with the best of them, the Lumia 900, which is not a cheap copy of some other device from any other existing brand. The brand creates great phones with great designs, which have an awesome behavior while using it. You can say that the phone can rise up and just walk away, so that is the feeling about Noka phones: you are expecting from the phone to come alive. Also, the brand implemented the same unibody polycarbonate design that is used traditionally from a phone to another, which was first applied to the N9 MeeGo phone and last but not least, to the Lumia 900.

So, Nokia is using good materials, with good grip, not those cheap plastics used for many Android phones. Also, it provides a vast experience to the user with its features (maps, applications, games, cameras and so on) and a lot of other downloadable applications. And another thing: the brand won’t create an application for its kind of platform, until he is sure that the requested or the tool that he is going to build, is going to be used by a big amount of users all over the world.



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