Nokia Lumia’s were chosen by non-profit Woodcraft Rangers

Nokia Lumia’s were chosen by non-profit Woodcraft Rangers

Woodcraft Rangers is an organization from Los Angeles, which took birth in 1992 and helps 16,500 young people to learn, to take part of activities and other after-school programs. This organization is searching kids and children from the neighborhoods that are in big needs to guide them into high schools. They learn, explore, perform many subjects, such as math, science, arts, literacy, technology and of course physical education. Also, they need a flexible and updated technology, hich will facilitate their operations. Nokia brand gave many Nokia Lumia 900 to the Woodcraft Rangers staff, so that it will help them and will also make their life easier. Also, the staff will use the phone to stay connected with the office and other helpful services.

Getting stuff done
The Woodcraft Rangers employees (an amount of 90 or even more), have received the Nokia Lumia 900, the Cyan color version. After receiving them, the staff said that the phone is absolutely brilliant, as it responds to any command and that they love the phones. Also, the organization was looking after other smartphone in the market (the BlackBerry is included), so that they finally chosen the Nokia Lumia 900, as it is a very practical, cheap and a very easy to use phone. Another reason, was that the IT staff saw the phone and agreed with the simple construction of the Lumia 900. Also, both coordinators and employees use this phone to read and share the document, as it is very necessary to facilitate their work, but they can use the application from the Lumia 900, for their time cards, to make sure that they are up to date with everything.



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