Lumia App #57: QR Code Reader

Lumia App #57: QR Code Reader

QR Format has been widely used in many applications containing code-based information. One example of the use of this format is text message. This format is used by many people all over the world. Many short messages or texts are sent and received by many users of cellular phone all over the world. However, only those with certain related knowledge know that the text of their messages are written using QR format.
Well, some people, especially those who do not have any relation with the world of programming and transmitting technology, may not care about what QR format is or how it works. Some others, however, have technical interest about this format. If you are one in the second category, then having this app on your Windows Phone can surely bring a great advantage. QR Code Reader can scan all QR codes and save the information along with its raw data result on your Windows Phone, so that you can view it for any purpose; either programming and leisure.
This simple app can handle various formats of QR codes: text message (or Short Message Service), emails, calendar events, website URL, text, information brought by WiFi network, v-cards or contact information, and geo-coordinates.

App price: free


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