Lumia App #58: FidMe

Lumia App #58: FidMe

Now, just like Microsoft and Apple brands are making their own Mobile Wallet tool to work as good as possible onto their platforms, Nokia is also preparing to provide similar solutions, just like the two brands up above, with a tool called FidMe, which allows the users to use, manage and benefit from the cards right from their mobile phones, Windows mobile Phones.

So, the FidMe application is coming with the next features:
– a totally redesigned look and feel;
– simple and advanced geolocation of shops and brands;
– sign-up for new loyalty cards by simply looking around you! Find cool new stores!
– Manage your account on the web at www.fidme.com (store managers and shoppers);
– view all your cards, create new ones, and customize them! Store managers; create your mobile loyalty card!
– a set of useful online tools, stats, account management, as it is all there;
– a higher level of security (username and password required at launch);
– scan the FidMe codes of your favorite stores to get your cards stamped;
– scanning a code now replaces the traditional stamp on your paper card;
– your purchase gets visually stamped on your mobile loyalty card in FidMe!
– never miss a good deal again with FidMe notifications;
– check-ins, stamps, sponsoring and other hundreds of ways to earn FidMe points;
– enrich the FidMe community by suggesting loyalty cards for your favorite local shops.

Now, go ckeck it out here: www.fidme.com. Good luck using it!


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