A survey from the Australian enterprise shows the importance of Windows Phone

A survey from the Australian enterprise shows the importance of Windows Phone

In the Australian enterprise, rather in the Telsyte Australian Workforce Mobility Study 2012, it was taken a survey, reagaring the determination of the users towards their intention and attitude in purchasing Windows Phone phones, because of their application, software, devices, camera and much more. They found that the support for Windows Phone was much more bigger than the one for iOS or Android, as they are saying: “Despite its low penetration right now, CIOs are also looking to support Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform which is set to provide an alternative to iOS and Android”, replied Rodney Gedda, who is the Telsyte senior analyst.

Also, he said that: “With the release of Windows 8 nearing, businesses will have another mobile platform to choose from for smartphones and media tablets.” After the survey was over, they discovered that 50% of the business companies were buying devices for them, while 10% of business companies were only helping them with management solutions, not even with buying them. Also, some of the Australian business companies, offered their public support for helping them with management solutions support for Windows Phone for their employees, before the launching of the new Windows Phone 8. The Bridgestone tire manufacturer from Australia, bought Nokia Lumia 800, because of its Windows Phone 7 platform, which is easy to use and has the CommBank that is considered a new move for the Windows Phone platform. Among all of these, Buildcorp announced their 150 Windows Phone purchasement from Nokia, from the Finnish Lumia line.



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