Lumia Game #57: Belts and Boxes

Lumia Game #57: Belts and Boxes

Belts and Boxes is a Windows Phone 7 game, based on a thriller platform, from Return True Studios, which is available right away for download in the Windows Phone Marketplace. The game will reborn your true love about this kind of platform, as it has a very good design and graphics (thing that will attract most of the game’s players), with lots of actions and challenges (it is a game that will challenge you and your mind, because it will let you find your way to pass the level).
Also, the gameplay consists in a perfect balance between finesse, force, coordination and reactivity, so it provides all type of actions in a single game. Now, all you have to do is to transport “Boxy” to the specified drop-off point, using the operated conveyor belts, available for the player. Also, you can invent other tactics to shuttle “Boxy”, so here are some of them like portals, latches (which are controlled by a button) and also moving boxes that can stop “Boxy” from finishing the level. There are lots of obstacles, such as fiery torches and winds, floating platforms, elevator lifts, all of them being introduce, one by one, with the games progression. These are added more with the difficulty increasement, just to maintain the dynamic of the game. Also, you can land on moving objects, but first, you have to calculate precisely how to do that, as there are many risks. The soundtrack of the game has 5 tunes that makes you be one with the game and that also makes you interested in the game, bringing you to the Belts and Boxes world. Also, this game has 10 achievements, that can be reached as you are progressing.

The game can be purchased or played on free trial mode (which has 11 levels).



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