Low-end devices with Windows Phone 8 are coming

Low-end devices with Windows Phone 8 are coming

Greg Sullivan is the senior product manager of the Windows Phone team, who has announced for KnowYourMobile, that the new Windows Phone 8 will not also include the handsets, as they were not included in the initial package, so their launching will be a little bit late. Also, he said that: “one of the points about the new architecture is that it will scale both up and down”. The Micro SD card supports will even make the Windows Phone have a much more cheaper price, as we all have been expected. Now, he did said that: “having support for removable SD storage will enable OEMs to build devices with less storage initially that is user expandable, so the bill of materials is potentially even lower for the handsets”, after he mentioned that the Microsoft brand is going to include the current handset generation from the Windows Phone 7, as it had a major success, saying that: “we will continue to support the current platform with the 256MB footprint in devices like the Lumia 610”.

Also, they were talking about keeping the handsets from Windows Phone 7.8 and the company will resume its handsets selling for the Nokia Lumia 610 version, keeping a constant price for the both handsets and phone, but keeping a low price for the Windows Phone 8 and its handsets for the next 3 to 6 months. When Greg Sullivan was asked why the new Windows Phone 8 did not benefit from another handsets, the answer was: “It made more sense to focus on making Windows Phone 8 as good as we possibly could, fully exploiting this new generation of hardware”.



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