Streaming with Play To application right on your Nokia Lumia

Streaming with Play To application right on your Nokia Lumia

One of the best things about having a Nokia Lumia is that you can share and show photos, music, videos and other kind of stuffs that will make you smile all the time. Now, all of us have given our phone to the friends to let them visualize a video, listen to a music or to see a picture. How many of you did that? I bet that most of you did that once. This application helps you a lot, so it makes your life easier and much more fun with this multimedia tool, right on your Nokia Lumia. It lets you do all kind of things, like listening to music, see pictures, watching videos, or watch and listen on another device, but they must be connected to the same wireless network, so that this application should work on PC, TV and other electronics.

Connecting with Play To
I saw on a blog, over the internet, a user of a Nokia Lumia 800, using this Play To tool and making a connection between the smartphone and the TV, but he also had a wireless home network as this connection was a success. You only have to open the Play To application, after that you press Connection, then Broadcast and Nokia Lumia is searching for devices and finds the TV.

Playing with Play To
After connecting your phone to the TV, you just enjoy the benefits of this application, like watching videos, listening to music or watching pictures. You can also stream the pictures, so it feels like doing it right from your phone.

Play To Music and Video
This option organizes your lists by artists, albums, songs, playlists and genres, so that you can enjoy and find what you were looking for in your phone.



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