Deutsche Telekom will bring Windows Phone 7 application components

Deutsche Telekom will bring Windows Phone 7 application components

Verious Inc. which is an important company and also the leader in applications (it connects the publishers and developers with codes), had an announcement for today: it will collaborate with Deutsche Telekom strategically, just to open for these across Europe an Marketplace, called the Developer Garden Component. The collaboration between those two gigantic companies leads to an improvement onto the software, mutual distribution and other important updates part, which will all lead to an increasement of the efficiency and integration of the components of the both device and application. They are also providing a catalogue and infrastructure component to those from Deutsche Telekom, just to to buy and sell codes for phone applications. Another thing, they add their own API service and parts from the providers, regarding the software, just to intensify the offer from the Developer Garden. Deutsche Telekom, along with Developer Garden Component (which is the companies Marketplace), is the first company that provides such application component onto the market. The Marketplace will help the developers to rush this application development, just to maintain the schedule and also to discover new ways to integrate their services into the applications. Verious has a vast experience in such operations onto the mobile application components Marketplace all over the world, so it make it the ideal partner for Deutsche  Telekom. Also, the founder and CEO of Verious, Anil Pereira is saying that: “Deutsche Telekom is one of the largest and most innovative telecommunications providers in the world, and we are thrilled to be partnering with them”.



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