Lumia Game #58: Bejeweled LIVE

Lumia Game #58: Bejeweled LIVE

The classic Bejeweled game is now available for Windows Phone 7, with great graphics and game play.

Game has the rules that we all know, so it’s similar to the classic one, just with a little difference into the graphics and the gameplay. So, if you don’t know the rules, here they are: you have to combine 3 or more jewels, to increase your score, so as many jewels in a row you have, the biggest is the chance to reach to a very high score. Also, there is another mode (action mode), where you have to be much faster in your moves, because it is a race against the clock. There are two other modes (endless mode and classic mode). For the endless mode, is free gameplay mode, which let’s you make a score as high as possible, and the classic mode comes with multiple levels, that become much harder as you pass the levels.

The visual presentation is awesome for such a game. When you are making a combo of about four jewels, you will get a burning one which will soon explode, when you are hitting it again, but if you make a combo of five jewels in a row, you will be rewarded with a great visual presentation.

Lasting Value
The endless puzzle game provides you with unlimited playing time, so that you can benefit from as much gameplay as possible. So, you should check this out, as it has a trial version which is for free, just to benefit for the pleasure provided by this game.



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