Windows Phone 8 Marketplace supports more markets than Android

Windows Phone 8 Marketplace supports more markets than Android

Here is a problem encountered by the developers: Microsoft brand said in a press conference, that the applications launched by the Windows Phone 8 Marketplace will be available for over 180 markets all over the world, a number that covers most of the worldwide countries, here are also included both free and paid applications. Interesting is the fact that, the number of applications for Windows Phone 8 are very numerous (considering that this platform wasn’t launched yet), in comparison with the Android Google Play ones. Also, those from Android will submit their applications in only 31 countries, but they will submit the paid applications in about 129 countries, but both numbers are very low, considering that the Windows Phone 8 applications will be available in 180 countries. What does this means? Well, it surely mean that Windows Phone 8 applications will be sold very well and soon (we don’t know when), the sales will exceed the Androids Google Play ones. Also, this could lead to a collapse of the Android Market, as the users of this kind of platform will reorient to another one, because such things happen after a malfunction of the applications, tools and so much more, that will resume into a security risk for their users. Overall, Windows is installed on most of the PC’s around the world (over 1.3 billion), so this confirms that it is a very stabling system and that is why most users are taking advantage of it.



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