Is Lumia Good for Business Users?

Is Lumia Good for Business Users?

The brand says that they are truly glad about the Nokia Lumia’s design, applications, behavior and what impact brought to the people and users all over the world with the games, camera extras, music, videos and so much more. But should all of these apply for business users? Well, I personally think that it does, because they are users too. Now, let’s ask some of the Nokia’s business headquarters, Gerard Bruen (the head of B2B sales) and David Mason (who handles the product marketing for Nokia’s business customers) and let’s find out their opinion.

David says that:
“The first thing to understand, is that there isn’t just one set of requirements for business customers. Broadly speaking, you can divide the group into three. First, there are individuals who are doing business with their phone. Perhaps they’re able to expense the cost of their device with their employer, or choose it from a list of approved models. Here, there’s a lot in common with what everyone else wants from their phone: good looks, reliability, easy-to-use and plenty of apps. The thing that we’d stress most for these types of customers is that it’s easy and fast to set up and use your work accounts: you won’t need IT to get involved as you do with some rival smartphone brands.”

Here is Gerard’s opinion:
“It’s important to show how fast it is to get everything done. Where’s your next appointment? Bang: it’s there on your lock screen. Got an email? Two taps and you’ve read it. But what of the smaller and medium-sized businesses (less than 500 employees) that are looking to get a small ‘fleet’ of phones for their employees? Here, there’s a particular need for phones that will slot right into existing systems. If their communications and documents are based on Microsoft Exchange Server and Office, as is the case 90 per cent of the time, then we’ve got a very compelling case.”



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