Lumia App #61: Thumbz

Lumia App #61: Thumbz

Thumbz is the newest application in Windows Phone Marketplace, which lets you to vote and upload your or other photos. This application provides you with lots of pictures (landscape, cars pictures or even some guys posing themselves in the house). It is similar as a voting contest, as it has the thumbs up and down system button, but it also has a neutral voting button. Also, you can comment after or before you press one of the 3 thumb buttons and you can upload one of your pictures for example. The problem of such application, is that the users can spam it with terrible pictures, that doesn’t belong to this tool, but now, with the updated version, the “brain” of the application, can understand what kind of pictures does the people like. It will follow the Facebook style, so that if a person give to another person’s pictures many thumbs down, then the application probably will delete all the photos from that user. You can find some very interesting or very cute pictures to look at, but the pinch-to-zoom option isn’t supported for all the pictures, so that you can’t benefit from this, but maybe the next version will take in count of this little thing. Other pictures may have problems with the pixels, but it is the tool’s fault, not the pictures one.

Now, the Thumbz application is a tool that brings constantly updates to its software. Overall, we all can say that this application is a true success and will soon conquer the heart of the users. Also, if your using the main screen, you can accidentally click somewhere you don’t want to, so that the upload screen can be found on the main one. But, like I said: it is a great application with a good start for the future.

App price: Free


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