How To: Remove Applications from Nokia Lumia

How To: Remove Applications from Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia devices offer a number of exclusive apps like Nokia Drive for turn by turn navigation, Nokia Maps and ESPN sports hub. However, applications which the user doesn’t need or use unnecessarily trap free memory space. To free space it thus becomes imperative to remove these applications. Windows Phone in particular makes the removal and installation of applications very easy. So how can you remove apps from Nokia Lumia phones?

The removal of an application which is no longer needed is an easy task. On their Lumia phone, users need to touch the arrow symbol on the start screen. Then the application which needs to be removed should be selected and held. After this the option “uninstall” should be selected. This deletes the application from the phone after asking for confirmation from the user.

However, there are some applications that can’t be removed. Care needs to be taken while removing applications as there are some applications which are dependent on others. If an application is dependent on another application which is removed then the removal prevents the working of the other application too. Hence only those applications should be deleted which are useless to the user and do not impact any other application that the user needs.

An application once removed can also be reinstalled. Re-installation can be done using the Zune software. Zune software helps in updating phone features and programs on the device, along with syncing music, videos and pictures to the phone. The Zune marketplace can be used to reinstall applications. The application can be re-installed without purchasing it. However, it needs to be available at the Marketplace.

Apart from applications, the Marketplace can be used to buy, share and download music, games, wallpapers, ringtones etc. To download anything from the Marketplace, user needs to open the Marketplace application on their phone. Once the app starts, he/she is offered content compatible with his/her phone. User can then select the app they want to download and gain full functionality after paying for it (if it’s paid).


9 Responses to How To: Remove Applications from Nokia Lumia

  1. Tanya price says:

    I can’t remove this app I have been hacked!!

  2. michelle kittler says:

    I cannot remove my games ans somes that i dont need

  3. sri sowmya says:

    My phone was updated with Windows 8.1 but I need Windows 8 back.what shall I do now!??please help me to get it back..please,please,please..!

  4. Webster Rusinga says:

    I have been hacked. I can’t remove the applications windows demo 1; windows demo 2 and windows demo 3 from my Lumia 630 phone

  5. Webster Rusinga says:

    Sorry the applications are Microsoft demo 1; Microsoft demo 2 and Microsoft demo 3. Strange people are communicating via my Lumia 630 phone

  6. Microsoft broke privacy policy and allow a third party or hacker into my Nokia Lumia 635 white case this person is taking over my Nokia Lumia 635 order stuff in my name like a drop box and Linux platforms and Mac and he stole all my email address and stole gift cards I need help removed the Linux kernel aol Mac and stole my Android hacker has window tablet running on Android browser invisible how do I remove window store Microsoft Office SharePoint Xbox live please help me I have been living in hell for 9 months. And Microsoft Windows don’t give a sh.t Microsoft always say search Bing that other one I want off my phone Google is my homepage the hacker also hides things in Wikipedia can you please help me

  7. demarques says:

    Please unstallnokia password to download apps please and change my application

  8. Hazel Craig says:

    I cant remove an app from my phone…each time u press the icon or the app title,it opens instead..any help appreciated.Thank you.

  9. helen rvans says:

    Bought this phone June 2014 still carny get any uk apps on it no contacts or photos saved lost everything several times windows 10 constantly coming up on my Nokia Lumia 630 which isn’t even compatible with phone worst idea to buy windows phone never ever again nothing but trouble

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