About Nokia’s future [From Richard Kerris]

About Nokia’s future [From Richard Kerris]

Now, I don’t know if many of you find Richard Kerris a very known person, but if you do want to know who this person is, you should do a little research. In fact, I did it too and I saw that he is the Global Head Developer Relation since November, last year for the Nokia brand and also the VP. Nowadays, his name is becoming known, for the fact that he brought some improvements and hopeful things that will help Nokia in its future development. Of course, this important man is a pillar of the Nokia brand and also made Nokia to get over those difficult moments from the past.

Now, as we all know or don’t know, Nokia had a lot of problems beginning with the 2007 year, but as it succeeded to get back with the new generation of phones, the users forgot about those bad days of the brand. Also, Kerris is an optimist person, so he says that Nokia is now much stronger than it was, even at the beginning. In fact, he is not that kind of guy that accepts any kind of offers, but when it was about Nokia, he couldn’t refuse this offer. Apparently, his enthusiast was getting very low, when Elop joined Nokia, but it all went good for him, as they had devices that rivaled with the Apple product (Lumia generation versus iPhone generation).

Also, he accepted the idea that the brand refused some important market opportunities and collaboration with other brands, but now he is feeling really good, as he sees a great future for the Nokia company, with no more worries and other exciting devices that will be launched in the upcoming years. Overall, he is happy because of his place in the company, as he was saying that: “even if it didn’t work out for Nokia in the long run, at least we’ll have fun and go down trying”.


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