Big satisfactions with the new Lumia 900

Big satisfactions with the new Lumia 900

As the users say it, Nokia Lumia 900 is one of the best smartphone’s ever made, that has also gained many awards, including the CES 2012 for the best phone of the year, which is the most recent one. Now, last week, I saw a report on the Internet about Nokia Lumia 900 and Lumia 800, that both phones won the gold medal at the International Design Excellence Awards contest. This award is magnificent, but of course, the most important thing is that the both customers and users to get the same feeling while using this phone. Now, a recent survey took by the U.S. in front with Nokia and Nielsen company (a very know company that which deals with independent researches), reveals that over 83% of the users are fully satisfied by this smartphone.
-> 96 per cent of owners are extremely satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their Lumia 900;
-> 95 per cent of owners are willing to recommend the Lumia 900;
-> 83 per cent say that their expectations are better or much better than expected;
-> 85 per cent say they would repurchase the Lumia 900;

Also, when the users we’re asked the reason of why they recommend the Lumia 900 to the others, here we took three answers, that we were expecting of. Here are those three:
“Windows Phone – plus the stunningly different design from Nokia – in tandem, they offer an unprecedented, joyous mobile experience”. “The hardware is very good-stylish and durable”. “I would recommend the Lumia 900 specifically because of the strong support Nokia is putting behind it.”

Also, on the other side, 83% of users have downloaded applications and another 95% said that if you want to download a game or application from the Windows Phone Marketplace, it is quite simple. Now, here are other comments regarding the phone:
“Great phone with a trim OS that lets you get things done quicker than on an iPhone.”
“It’s a phone that I want to use, rather than one I dread using”. “You spend more time doing what you want and less time looking for apps.”



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