Lumia App #62: Private snaps – PS

Lumia App #62: Private snaps – PS

With the new Camera application, you can now protect your contents with password, to avoid those moment when someone is looking at your pictures or other intimate things. Also, this applications can be used as a camera application, because it comes with very interesting features, such as timer, burst mode or even video recording. Overall, the user can take photos or make videos, without having to be visualized by the others, or if they want, they can be displayed on a different size, just to keep the intimate for the phone user or for those captured in the photo.

Now, here are some of the features that will come with this application:
– Configure the app to use it with or without a password. Numeric and alphanumeric type of passwords;
– Create multiple Albums;
– Import images from phone picture hub;
– Capture images and videos using the app;
– Save image and video to sky drive;
– Post photo to face book from within the app;
– Burst mode image capture;
– Timer mode, capture multiple images with a predefined duration. This can be configured in settings;
– Use front or back camera for image capture;
– Option to use the phone camera viewfinder or the view finder built inside the app;
– App viewfinder size can be adjusted for various sizes;
– Option to hide app view finder and can still capture images using camera button or app buttons;
– Run under lock mode to unlock full functionalities of timer mode;
– Captured photos can be directly saved to the phone camera roll instead of the app album;
– App album viewer with super smooth pinch and zoom;
– video player for video captured using the app.

This Camera application can be found in the Windows Phone Marketplace and is available right away for download, as it is found on free trial mode or on full mode for only $1.49.

App price: Free


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