How To: Send via Bluetooth on Nokia Lumia

How To: Send via Bluetooth on Nokia Lumia

With Nokia Lumia devices, you can not only call, message and email others, but also easily share pictures with your friends through Bluetooth. With Nokia Lumia sending a picture is as easy as pressing a few buttons. However, the Windows Phone platform as of now doesn’t allow you to use Bluetooth to transfer files, documents and music.

The first step to use your Bluetooth in your Lumia device is to access the settings option from your menu. Click on ‘Bluetooth’ to open up your options. If you wish to be contacted by devices which you are not paired with, set your Lumia phone to ‘open’ in Bluetooth settings. If you want your phone to be paired with another, you can follow this process. First, tap the ‘settings’ icon on your home screen. Then, tap the ‘systems’ option and the sub-option of Bluetooth under that. You then have to drag the switch to the right to switch on your Bluetooth status.

Make sure your own Bluetooth device is switched ‘on’, as well as ‘open’ to other Bluetooth devices. Once the device you wish to be paired with appears on the screen, tap on it, and then enter the Bluetooth device’s PIN number. You can check in your device documentation for your PIN number. Once you tap ‘done’ the process is complete.

Bluetooth on Windows Phone only allows you to pair your device with a Bluetooth accessory. You can also use the PictureSwap app to send pictures via Bluetooth since this feature is not present by default.


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    How tO download video songs in Nokia lumia
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    How do i use Bluetooth on my Nokia lumia phone?

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