Best Music Apps for your Lumia

Best Music Apps for your Lumia

I heard of this instrument for the first time in high school, so you can imagine how big was the impact for all the Maracas lovers, when it was transposed into an application in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Well, I think that all of you saw the football games from 2010 World Cup in South Africa, where somehow, the vuvuzelas calls came alive among the fans. In fact, you can find the vuvuzela now into the Windows Phone Marketplace as an application, so you can teach how to play it from now on.


Well, let’s see: is there any difference between a piano and a harpsichord? Well, it surely is. This new application can be found also in the Marketplace just like the others, but it isn’t limited (musically talking), so that you can create your own musical.

I think that this instrument has the perfect balance, being used by both amateurs and accomplished musicians. It is so easy to play it, because you can create a song, even if you are tapping wrong or randomly.

The Theremin is an instrument, also transposed in an application, but with this new version, all you have to do is to tilt your phone from side to side, just to get your desired sound. So, here you are my dear users!

Bongo Plus
Now, you can have your Bongo application right on your phone. How to use it? Well, all you have to do is to tap on both side and top of the bongos, just to create a beat. Also, the tool has a whistle included, if you want to change something on your song.

Honey Ocarina
This instrument is much like a flute (both are wind instruments), but as it is an application for the Lumia generation, it has a variety of sophisticated controls. All you have to do is to blow on the phone’s microphone an maintain the tone by lowering or raising your phone.

Voice Effects

Now, last but not least, we have the best instruments of all displayed above: the users voice. You can record yourself while singing with this application and after that, you can make your voice sound deep or high. Also, you can add some extra effects, like echo, so that if you are pleased, you can play it on a loop.


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