Leather case that becomes a stand for the Nokia Lumia 900

Leather case that becomes a stand for the Nokia Lumia 900

Now, here you have the coolest accessory available for Nokia Lumia 900, that has been found yesterday by a user on Amazon. The user says that it looks amazing, it has a great quality, it fits perfectly to the phone (no adjustments needed) and the case also has a support that it’s a stand. Well, as we know, Nokia makes silicon cases for phones (Nokia Lumia 900 has also silicon case, so it doesn’t make any exception from this rule), but it is much better than other cases which are made of a hard material predisposed to breaking. Well, in this case, both leather and silicon cases are good for this phone, but the leather one has a much longer life, a very stylish aspect and it opens from sideways, just like you open a book. I personally saw the case only in pictures, not in the real life, but I don’t have any idea how it feels like taking a call with this leather case onto the phone. It would be very interesting and problematic at the same time, because of the curvy part at the edge. Anyway, has everyone of you out there saw or tried out this case? I think it looks awesome just to leave it on the bed, on your desk or on the table. What do you think? Here are some impressions of other users about this leather case:

“It looks nicer than any other leather cases, it is sturdy, flexible with the phone insert – won’t be breaking any time soon. Also, the case protects the screen from dust/scratching/bumps when in pocket and works as a stand. It is quite interesting to have it, if you are the lucky owner of a Nokia Lumia 900. You should try it out!”


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