Research – What do we do most on our phones?

Research  – What do we do most on our phones?

Now, we all know that Nokia Lumia 900 is a great phone (and I am pretty sure that most of you that are now reading have friends with Lumia phones), but the question is: how do they use it? They use it correctly? Well, today, I read a survey, which was taken in the U.S., searching for numerous ways of using this phone. As we all know, everyone of us are playing, texting, listening to music, photographing, editing, sharing, navigating on the Internet and so much more, as the technology has reached to such a high level. But, I am asking it again: what do people in the real life with these smartphone’s? I can say that they are texting a lot, when it comes to talk with someone. They aren’t calling, they are giving SMS to the others, because they like tapping on the Lumia 900’s screen. Here is how it goes: 96% of users said that they use the phone for data allowance, while 84% said that they like to text messages with this phone. True is that if you are buying a smartphone without a data plan, you would better keep the old phone, as it is the same. Now, if we are referring to the SMS case, well some of the users say that it isn’t such necessary, while the others say that it is a very important extra in some cases. After these steps, they were giving to the users a lists of activities you can practice with the Nokia Lumia 900, beginning with Maps, movies making applications and ending with editing Office documents. So, what did the users choose after this month of tests? I must mention that the list didn’t include the phone calls.

Now, after a month, here are the top 10 activities:
1. Use camera for still pictures (93%);
2. Browsing websites (89%);
3. Use social networks (85%);
4. Download apps from the Marketplace (83%);
5. Access email (83%);
6. Connect to WiFi (83%);
7. Customize the home screen (81%);
8. GPS (81%);
9. Set up an email account (80%);
10. Download games from Marketplace (78%).



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