AT&T decided that the new Nokia Lumia 900 looks better in pink

AT&T decided that the new Nokia Lumia 900 looks better in pink

As we all know, Nokia Lumia 900 is an incredible phone, which has its own place into the market, because of its amazing design, construction (it is made mostly of polycarbonate), platform (the Windows Phone operating system) and of course, with it’s huge ClearBlack display. Also, Nokia Lumia 900 is sold by those from AT&T in 3 colors: white, black and the popular cyan, but beginning with this day, they are adding a new color, just to make the users feel more unique with such a phone: it will be available in all over U.S. in the pink color, which is a color preferred mostly by the girls.

Now, can you imagine the phone with the 4.3 inches display, its amazing 1.4 Ghz processor and the unique 8 megapixel camera with customary Carl Zeiss lens capable of making extraordinary photos and videos? Well, I bet you can, but if the answer is no, you should try it out, as it is fantastic for taking pictures with your friends and other kind of stuffs in the summer fun. About the pink color: it is not that case when the pink color is applied as a paint on top of the phone’s layer. Because the phone is made of polycarbonate (that means it is made of one piece of plastic), the phone is all pink. Also, if you phone has scratches, those can’t be see, because of the phone’s construction. Now, as we all know, the Lumia 900 is powered by the Windows Phone software with at least 100,000 applications available for this type of phone, so it is a very interesting, amazing and very fun to navigate through all its tools.



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