Microsoft wants to make the WP8 The Best Enterprise Class Mobile Interface

Microsoft wants to make the WP8 The Best Enterprise Class Mobile Interface

On a press conference held this morning, the Corporate Vice-President  from the Windows Phone Marketing belonging to Microsoft, Thom Gruhler revealed that they want to make the Windows Phone not one, but the best enterprise class mobile interface, so that they are still working at it and it is scheduled to be applied sooner than we all think. He also said that “ the smartphone users today don’t know about Windows Phone and that’s a problem we intend to fix”. In my opinion, I think that Tom must understand where is his position with his brand onto the market and will take this as a sign to fix all the mistakes and other problems, as he said above. Tom also revealed that all the applications integrated with Windows Phone 8 are almost the same, but updated and much more efficient, so here we have: the Start Screen, the Wallet and NFC experience and other features. Also, while the press was speaking to Darren Bibby ( who is the Program Vice-president of software channels and alliances research at ITWorldCanada), he expressed his own opinions about the upcoming Windows Phone 8:

“I’ve heard some very, very strong things about Windows Phone. It’s altogether possible these (phones) could be poised for one of these massive upswings. The key opportunity for channel partners with Windows Phone 8 is the fact that it will be so well integrated with the rest of Microsoft’s growing stable of offerings, including Azure cloud, the upcoming Windows 8 operating system, and the new Surface tablet. The thing I like is if I can get Windows 8 on my laptop, tablet and phone then I can start using Microsoft PowerPoint slides across all three. You can’t go very easily between a laptop to an iPad and back to your laptop. It’s just very difficult. But if I can work on my PowerPoint document, keeping the file format intact throughout…that is very powerful. If it’s all integrated, that’s been (Microsoft’s) success story.”



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