Nokia is coming with a very “amazing social media marketing strategy”

Nokia is coming with a very “amazing social media marketing strategy”

Nikkia Barton, who is the Nokia’s vice president of design, spoke about the Nokia’s Lumia design story for the Forbes magazine: “Nokia traditionally has had a culture built around simplicity of use, clarity. It’s also had a color story. In the last few months I’ve seen that culture starting to grow around the Lumia and Windows Phone.” He was referring totally to the “heads-up” philosophy, while Marko Ahtisaari, the Nokia’s head designer said that between the user and smartphone, it should be less visual and more instinctive interaction. Of course, it is a philosophy, because this means that all Windows Phone’s would be a paradigm.

Overall, in the near future, all the iterations about Lumia generation will be, I could say “sophisticated”, but somehow a little bit simplified, so that it will follow the main Nokia idea, explained Barton. Now, if we are referring to the Lumia handsets, he explained that: “We’ve won a lot of awards, which is great, but when people get it in their hands they realize how powerful it is. I’m extremely proud of what we’re producing. That’s what drives me personally”. Also, Nokia will apply very soon an interesting social media marketing strategy, but until then, the brand has to be satisfied by the features provided to its customers and users, with the simplicity, refinement and the beautiful colors available for the Nokia Lumia generations, just to attract more and more buyers. In the end, the designer added: “The Lumia’s design is just such a game changer and it’s the beginning of something big.”



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