Nokia Lumia helps you to be more productive

Nokia Lumia helps you to be more productive

Social networkers anonymous
Well, as we all know, the most used social networks are Facebook and Twitter. Also, the one and only tool that will capture your attention is the Me Hub, available only on Windows Phone. This tool encloses all your notifications and when you are going to post, you post to all of them once.

Your mobile Office
Now, your Nokia Lumia 900 can even escape you from that boring waiting for the bus and to make that little time useful and not to be wasted, as it is important. You can distribute your documents while using Microsoft Office Mobile, or you can also make a presentation, just to save up some time for yourself at work. All the changes will be saved and synced on the SkyDrive.

Now, everybody knows that a management application that has a system that always reminds you something, is a very bothering tool, but it can also be very motivational. There are also other things that must be done, before you can just sit and relax after you know that they are fulfilled, but you should realize when you are missing something. For all these, there is a solution: Office with its One Note or you can choose Tasks.

Back to work, slacker!
Well, when you are at work, you do this all the time: you pull out your during, or check your phone for any new news about all the important events, actors, movies or even about the Kardashians sisters. So, why are doing this at work or when you are late for an important meeting? For all these, there is also a solution: you can just Sync the news back to the offline reading apps, so you can use the Burn After Reading on your way back home.

One news application to rule them all
Well, this happens to all of us, when you wake up in the morning and you miss the important news of that morning, because the clock shows that it is 10 or even late. Also, you must get prepared for work because you are late. Is there something that can help you in this situation? Well, it surely is and it is called the Pulse Reader application, that is available for download right away and is fully compatible with your Lumia phone.

“Just one look, that’s all it took yeah…
Here is a tip: glance and go nature from the Metro UI, keeps you updated with all the important calendar events, email, social notifications, sports scores, missed calls, eBay auctions and other important things.


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