Lumia App War #1: Wikipedia vs Encyclopaedia Britannica

Lumia App War #1: Wikipedia vs Encyclopaedia Britannica

Before the Internet, people took their pieces of information from books, library’s, news, TV’s and even from encyclopaedia. Nowadays, they have access to all the possible pieces of information, from both Internet and phones, so these will make their life much easier. Also, the numerous applications from the smartphones make our life easier too, as in the Market we can also find Wikipedia and Encyclopædia Britannica, but even the mostly known search engine: Google. Now, let’s compare those two applications (Wikipedia and Encyclopædia Britannica) and let’s see, if we are searching for a subject on each of them (a common subject), which one explains the terms better.

Wikipedia: Free
Wikipedia is a multilingual program and application for the phone. It needs Internet, so it’s a web-based encyclopaedia, that helps the good-willed people worldwide to write, add, edit and promote the content, all of these with no charge applied. Also, it is a very important program, as it has 77,000 active contributors (this is the higher number from this year), who are adding useful pieces of information about everything, so this means that Wikipedia is “Google’s smaller brother”. Although there is a very large number of contributors that can add information about anything, this doesn’t mean that all of them are correct, as there are many uninformed people out there.

Encyclopædia Britannica: £3.99 / $4.99 / €4,99
The oldest encyclopaedia took birth in 1768 under the name of Encyclopædia Britannica, but it is still publishing all kind of information even in our days. This encyclopaedia is very known, as it produced many sets of books, so that you can show your friends or visitors that you are a learned man, or that you pretend to be one. This encyclopædia created its own online version, with the releasement of the final 32 volume set in the 2010. There you can find content from about 4,000 contributors (this number has grown until 2012), as it has all kind of information useful for anyone of us, regarding the aspects of life.


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