Users reduce the Lumia orders, because of the Windows Phone 8 launch

Users reduce the Lumia orders, because of the Windows Phone 8 launch

Digitimes announced, according to the industry sources that Nokia made a very large reduction in its orders, after they saw the number from the last month (39.5% on June, with NT $3.474 billion USD which are about $116 million). The analysts from the RBC Capital Markets in front with Mark Sue inspected Nokia’s situation, revealing that without an upgrade to Windows Phone 8, the current Windows Phone 7 from the present Nokia Lumia generation will fall in decline, as the brand will have billions of phones unsold in its inventory. Well, Nokia was expecting that all the Lumia generation would face this issue when the new generation of platform will be revealed on the Market (it will happen until the end of 2012), so they know how to manage their inventory according with this.

Overall, the Lumia 800 shown to the world what it is capable of, thing that happened recently in the UK, where the phone unveiled its design, performance and so much more, so that this won’t be a problem for the Nokia brand, as they are “handling” the price of the phone on all the markets. Also, Compal is about to feel the impact in sales until the end of this month (until the end of July, estimated the Digitimes sources). Now, last but not least, Comapal is about to see a boost in sales until the launching of the Windows Phone 8, that means until the end of the year, even if the brand wants to introduce the Windows Phone 8 handsets sooner.



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