Nokia vs RIM – Thorsten Heins interview

Nokia vs RIM – Thorsten Heins interview

Recently, in an interview accorded to The Verge, where Thorsten Heins(RIM CEO) expressed his point of view about Nokia’s position in the smartphone market. He was very confident that the 10 devices which are upcoming from Blackberry at the beginning of 2013, will make the Blackberry brand to get o its old position; when he was asked about its opinion regarding Nokia’s place in this top list (after the Blackberry decline), he answered a little bit suspicious:

“I think we’re in a different position, we have 80 million users today — Nokia doesn’t have that, they’re not in the service play, they have no value on top of the handsets”. After that, he said that the Microsoft’s Windows Phone strategy is also very “confusing”.

Also, he accuses Microsoft that it is overwhelming the buyers, because of the release of such many different Windows Phone versions among Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 7.5, versions that are not compatible with the future Windows Phone 8, just to benefit of huge profits because of this. Also, the future Windows Phone 8 will be compatible with both Windows 8 operating system for PC and tablet, as he is saying: “It’s confusing at the moment, but that’s the way they communicate.” The Blackberry brand is capable of maintaining its 80 million customers, which are also known as the “Blackberry People”. Personally, I think that the Blackberry will fall into decline again, as most of the 80 million Blackberry users are about to find another substitute, such as Windows Phone, iOS and Android or platforms.

Overall, I think he is mistaking, but God knows how his plans will evolve in the near future and what are the upcoming applications and platforms for the Blackberry brand.



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