Nokia phones in Film Industry

Nokia phones in Film Industry

Among many years and nowadays, Nokia brand was a great manufacturer, even at the handsets chapter, which are very used most of the time by the user when the want to communicate or to listen music, radio or videos. Because they are so great and well crafted, they appear in different TV spotlights, as they serve for multiple uses. Also, there were some investigations regarding Nokia’s products, features and applications, but it is kind of impossible to make a list of such many features offered by the brand, but let’s just remind some of the classic movies, which used Nokia phones (new or old phones or smartphones), accessories or other Nokia features. Well, specialists say that the first smartphone was used in the Val “The Saint” Kilmer (a Nokia Communicator 9000, in 1997), used for saving people from the enemies.

Also, after two years, in “The Matrix”, Keanu Reeves takes a Nokia 8110 from an envelope. After that, Neo talks with Morpheus for the first time and it will continue to be used and keeps the name of Neo communication, as it has some important appearances in some parts of the movie.

Also, in the Dark Knight movie, in 2008, Christian Bale uses a Nokia 5800 Xpress music to disengage the security systems of the bad guys. After another year, in the popular “Star Trek” series, James T. Kirk uses the car phone to answer to an important call back in 2009 and even if we don’t know what kind of Nokia it was, it had the Nokia tune sound, so it appears to be a Nokia phone concept, as it can be seen during the high-speed car chase.



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