Nokia shipped 3.8 million Lumias in Q2 and expects 5.1 million in Q3 2012

Nokia shipped 3.8 million Lumias in Q2 and expects 5.1 million in Q3 2012

Analysts are announcing the results of the Nokia brand sales until 19th July and they aren’t optimists at all. Also, they are expecting to get a massive loss for Q2, doubled than the Q1, of about 236 million euros in. After that, they expected that the sales would rise a little, as the number doubled and went to about 3.8 million devices, among with Nokia Lumia 610 on the first place. Also, they are expecting that they can reach to a total of 5.1 million sold devices until the end of Q3 2012 and until the launching of the Windows Phone 8, which will affect the selling of the current Lumia generation; but here is the good part: they will sell their handsets, as they won’t be affected by the future update of the phone’s platform. Ben Wood, who is the head of the institute of research at CCS Insight, said the following in a press conference: “Nokia’s near-term fortunes now largely depend on the lower priced Lumia 610, rather than the Lumia 800 and 900 which will be a tough sell given the looming launch of Windows Phone 8”.

Nowadays, there are true concerns regarding the Nokia’s viability, because the losses caused by the sales will hit them into the cash pile. A poll made recently, showed that the optimists see that company to have a loss of 1.9 billion euros, while the pessimists think that the will wipe out about 4.9 billion euros until the beginning of the next year, after the new platform is launched: the Windows Phone 8 platform. Overall, the Nokia brand is very optimist, saying that after this year and beginning with the next year, they will all forget about this problems and will all be just a “nightmare”, because the “people will be climbing over themselves”, just to get for themselves the new Nokia device. Well, let’s just hope that they will remain optimists until the end of this year.



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