Windows NT has better performances than Windows CE on the same hardware

Windows NT has better performances than Windows CE on the same hardware

Well, this week, Mary Jo Foley made a survey regarding the origins of both Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT, so that after this survey, she revealed that Windows NT provides much better performance than the Windows CE on the same hardware, so she decided to move to ARM. Also, the team that joined her in the developing of such technology is also known as the Experiment 19, which wrote these after the Microsoft Research: “We started from a Windows core (called MinWin) and a port of the Windows NT kernel to the ARM processor. Working closely with MinWin pioneers—Adam Glass, Mark Russinovich, Richard Pletcher, Richard Neves and Bryce Cogswell—and with partners at NVIDIA, we created the device drivers and firmware necessary to boot and run MinWin on our prototype phones. We created an ARM JIT (just-in-time) compiler for the CLR and ported the CLR runtime to ARM. To complete the system, we ported the phone implementation of Silverlight to run with our ARM implementation of the CLR”.

Also, there is a video circulating on the Internet that is demonstrating that MinWin Windows NT is running much more faster on the ARM6 chipset, than on the original Tegra (this was discovered by Zune HD and KIN) and also beats the performances of the same chipset when it is running on Windows CE 6. Another thing: there are people who says that the Windows Phone 7 handsets aren’t compatible with the Windows Phone 8, but Nokia announces that they will be fully compatible, until the releasement of another set of handsets.


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