Nokia isn’t capable of advertising itself

Nokia isn’t capable of advertising itself

One thing Nokia is supreme at is that it sucks at advertising anything that is good at. you’ll never see, hear or know from the media of what Nokia is really about unless you’re in a Nokia blogosphere related bubble. if they did, it would be either in the worst way possible or advertise it really well, but you’ll never see that advert ever again why? i dont know. It seems that the Nokia way to succes is to keep all good features a secret to the media. What brings me to rant this Monday morning is this advert that popped up in front of another YouTube video. It’s Google’s attempt at offline maps, which looking at their own advert looks complicated as hell. What else can Nokia do?

What else can Nokia do? What about talking about your supreme offline navigation? Or the fact that you don’t just download tiny portions of maps but can do whole countries, continents or even the whole world in your pocket. We could have a similar situation where we actually bring up the navigation to give someone else directions instead of blabbing “go left and then go right and then..blah di blah blah”. Mapping is something we’re taking for granted. Although Apple joined the map fights, Nokia Maps remains a saving plan for Nokia to remain relevant. Nokia sould have “shout” about things they really are good at to be precise,who doesn’t love the Nokia Drive option, how easy can you find a location just by dropping a postal code or a keyword. With Nokia Maps you never feel lost even in unknown places. It is simple and precise, in other words, Nokia.



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