Lumia Game #59: Juice Factory

Lumia Game #59: Juice Factory

Gameplay is quite interesting, as you throw a knife, while you are struggling to slice as many fruits as possible on the screen to score a much higher score. It is a bit like Fruit Ninja, but the fruits aren’t moving, so this is the interesting part of the game. However, here comes the hard part: you must avoid the knife from both metal and wood platforms and much more. All these things are a part of the game, so they keep challenging you, while you are passing every level, which is unique. At the end of every level, you get some score cards, that will reward you with some important tips, quotes or help. What is annoying, is that the game doesn’t have a restart button, which means that you must throw all the knives to start the level again, which makes you angry and sometimes makes you leave the game. So, this is the biggest disadvantage of the game.

Now, the game has some nice graphics and visual effects, but it is annoying that it has only one song, that repeats again and again, so here is another minus for the game. The track is good, but after you play the game constantly, it gets very boring and old. Also, the game doesn’t have a leader board, so that you could see your high scores and it doesn’t show what are the already finished levels. In this case, you must make a note somewhere, just to not forget what level you played last night or this morning.

The game has only one hour and a half of gameplay, so it has an average lasting value (I would say that it isn’t average and it is more very poor). It provides the user only with top 10 leader boards, which contains the highest scores of the people worldwide, not yours, so it’s useless. Also, you must know that it doesn’t show your best score on any completed level. Overall, it is a good game, interesting, challenging and with a nice graphic, so if you are interested, just go to the MarketPlace and try it out. It may worth after all!

App price: Free


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