Lumia App #66: All Cricket

Lumia App #66: All Cricket

This is the Cricket application that all the cricket users and lovers have been waiting for. Now, there are numerous questions asked by the users, such as: does somebody need this application just to manage the league of cricket games? Are you playing cricket often everyday? Do you need a useful tips or help to understand very well the rules of the cricket game? Do you, as a user, want this application to stay up to date with players stats and others? Also, do you want to get the history of all games played until now? Do you want to distribute, share and let the others know about the games, live scores or players from the cricket with your social networks? Do you want to follow the international cricket games or gain access to the YouTube cricket channels from this application? Well, it is all possible now, with this application. Also, do you want to get in touch with the latest live score from the UK, or to calculate, while are you watching a game, the second innings? No matter what it is, you must have it.

This application provides the user or the fans of the cricket game with all the official rules, live scores, live games, both player and team stats. Of course, because this is a new launched application, the developers are already working on an updated version of this one. So, please check the Windows Phone Marketplace for this AllCricket application and download it right away. You will be amazed.

App price: Free


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