Lumia App #65: SMS Machine

Lumia App #65: SMS Machine

This application allows the users to store and create unlimited SMS templates. Why is this application better than others? Well, you can send messages in less time, just with a couple of taps on the phones display. What other things can you do with this application? You can create yourself with this tool different types of placeholders and after that it will help you by preparing the SMS syntax to send the text message right away. So, it will save your time and it won’t be needed to do the things twice.

Does this application has common uses? Well, it surely does. Here are some examples:
With people: to tell you will call back, a birthday salutation, say you are arriving at any specific time, arriving late, recurrent meeting/event, etc.
To recharge or pay your cell phone bill.
For SMS banking operations and any kind of SMS command based systems.
Have customers/clients? Send them standardized text messages.
Or any particular usage you wish!

Key features
Easy creation of SMS templates with placeholders.
Placeholders can be text type, number, picklist, datestamp, count-down. You define it! (plus location-stamp on Pro version).
Manage categories for your templates, set a default destination number for all.
Fast sending: Easily tap, fill placeholders and send!
Pin to start any SMS template.

Well, you can take this SMS application from your Windows Phone MarketPlace, as it will help you a lot with its features presented above.



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