Nokia Lumia 610 Camera Review

Nokia Lumia 610 Camera Review

The Nokia Lumia 610 is a low budget Windows Phone 7.5 powered smartphone with 8 GB storage and a 3.7 inch display. It is one of the least expensive smartphones in the market and is aimed at the younger segment of buyers. It has attractive features, a gorgeous display, long battery life and quite smooth performance despite the slow processor.

The Lumia 610 has a 5 MP camera. The photos have a maximum resolution of 2592×1944 pixels. All of this is coupled with single LED flash and autofocus. The camera also has a macro mode. Among other features, it has 4x digital zoom, 28mm focal length, F-stop/Aperture and a focus range of 10cm to infinity. The features also include face detection and geo-tagging. Though Lumia 610 is a low budget smartphone, a good backing by the Windows Phone software provides better quality to the camera.

To open the camera, a single key on the right of the phone needs to be pressed. Like all cameras, it provides the option of zooming in and zooming out. Focusing and clicking is done by using the camera key too. There are different modes provided for different situations. For example, to click a picture in darkness, the night mode can be switched on, to click a moving object, the sports mode can be used, to click something close, the close mode can be used etc.

Windows Phone allows for wide ranging settings in terms of scenes, contrast, sharpness, saturation, ISO etc. In terms of photo quality and clarity Lumia 610 is about average; the shutter speed, however, is above average. The image quality is best suited for a studio environment. The camera doesn’t work too well for dim light situations while in sunlight the screen needs to be shaded.

Resolution details and colour clarity are also just about average. The camera however is apt for casual photography. It is user friendly and responsive accentuated by the latest Tango update for Windows Phone. Being powered by a 800 MHz processor makes the device a little less responsive in comparison to other Lumia phones, however its responsiveness and ease in use is still remarkable compared to other similarly priced smartphones.

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Video recording
Video recording has a variety of features too like sharpness, contrast, ISO etc. It allows for recording at up to 30 frames per second. The resolution for videos is 640×480 pixels. To record a video, the camera key at the bottom right needs to be pressed. After this the video symbol needs to be selected and the camera key needs to be pressed again to start recording. The camera provides enough clarity for recording and sharing of casual videos.

Overall, Nokia Lumia 600 camera is not meant for professional photography. However for day to day casual photography, this low budget smartphone is a bargain for the package you’re getting. Even though it isn’t match up to other high end 5 MP cameras, the feature set which comes with the Windows Phone platform enhances the multimedia potential of the Lumia 610 to something not usually found in this price range.

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