How To: Delete a contact on Nokia Lumia

How To: Delete a contact on Nokia Lumia

As a very user-friendly phone, Nokia Lumia devices make it very easy for users to update their apps and contacts. Contacts especially are dealt with in a unique fashion in Windows Phone devices (which Nokia Lumia devices run on) and allow the integration of contacts from a number of sources including Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter and other email providers.

In order to delete a contact on your Lumia phone, first access the list of contacts that are arranged alphabetically under the ‘People’ app. You can find the icon for your contact list in your start screen or in the menu. Find the contact you wish to delete, and press and hold it for four seconds. Of all the options that appear, click ‘Delete’. Your Lumia phone will ask you again if you want to delete, and you should press ‘delete’ again.

Sometimes, a single contact may have several contact accounts linked to it in the contact card. In that case, click and delete individual contact accounts. On your Lumia phone, you can also create and delete contact groups as and when you wish. Deleting such groups is very easy – from the ‘People’ section, select the group you wish to delete. Tap the ellipsis or three dots in a row icon at the bottom of the screen, and press ‘delete’. Your phone will request confirmation, which you should give, and thus the group will be deleted.


10 Responses to How To: Delete a contact on Nokia Lumia

  1. Christine says:

    I have already delete the contact on ‘people’ but the contacts are still on my phone book.

    Please help

  2. sharad kumar ahuja says:

    To remove some unwanted contact numbers

  3. sharad kumar ahuja says:

    To remove some phone numbers from phone book

  4. Sharis says:

    Pls advice how can I delete all the contact number in NOKIA Lumia model 5210 .

  5. kat says:

    What do I do when delete is greyed out?

  6. Stephanie says:

    I have deleted contacts from they people app but under at&t address it won’t delete them? How do I delete them?

  7. esther williams says:

    how do delete my mobile numbers

  8. Gerry says:

    This just does not work. Delete is greyed out. Presence of Skype seems to prevent deletion of anything

  9. Gus says:

    Hello. I have a Nokia Lumina and I was to delete a contact photo. Can u please help

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