Apps for Nokia Lumia: Free vs Paid

Apps for Nokia Lumia: Free vs Paid

As a natural progression, the Internet arrived on our mobile phones in the late 1990s and it enabled us to do much more in many more places. As technology improved, developers started creating little programs to perform certain tasks; we call these apps. Apps are easy to download and can cost absolutely anything, with developers often creating free apps to lure people into downloading their product. Then of course, there are the apps that cost a lot of money – that at first glance you would begin to wonder why would anybody pay that. But people do.

Free apps are more than likely to have ads mostly because they’re free softwares to lure you in buying the product and secondly to earn money for posting ads. it might sound crazy but they’re making even more money from the free app’s ads rather than paid apps still, free apps have usually lower costumer service quality so don’t expect to find a free app that exceeded your expectations too soon.

When it comes to paid apps, the level of quality is usually much better than the free ones, as our latest app comparison App vs. app: Encyclopædia Britannica and Wikipedia shows. It’s worth noting that the developer sets the price shown on all apps. Yes, you have to pay for the app, but you don’t receive adverts continually asking you to CLICK HERE FOR GREAT DEALS! What you do get is an app that a developer has taken their time over; carefully crafted to give you the best experience possible. Spending money on an app, even if it’s just 0.79p or one dollar, also helps acknowledge to the developer that you’ve appreciated their time and efforts.

There’s no denying that the Tour de France is never boring. There are spectacular crashes, the constant whiff of doping scandals and the stunning images from the final day when hundreds of riders cycle along the Champs-Élysées in Paris. However, enthusiasts will tell you it is also one of the most gruelling sporting events in the world and the ultimate test of human endurance. ‘Le Tour’ covers approximately 3,200km (2,000 miles) in three weeks over mountainous terrain and all weather conditions. As the Tour de France 2012 enters the crucial final week, we have selected three apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace for your Nokia Lumia to ensure that you are never far away from the action.



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