Lumia App #71: Pictastic

Lumia App #71: Pictastic

Now with Windows Phones it’s easier than ever to take pictures, moreover to share them with friends with Facebook, Twiter and Flickr. we even added an Explore pane which shows you some of the beautiful pictures people are sharing on popular social networks like Facebook and provides the ability to search for photos based on whatever topic you are interested in. As a reminder, there are two main areas of Pictastic; the photo editing and the social. Editing photos is very straightforward from within the app. Existing photos can be selected from your camera roll or you can take a picture within the app itself.

Once the photos are selected, the filter panel pops up revealing editing options, to rotate or even apply 1960’s style colors. the social side of Pictastic shows where the app really is about. You can share photos with your Facebook, Twitter or Flickr account. You also get to browse photos being shared on social networks like Facebook from within the app as well as try out a Facebook Camera-style when you connect the app to Facebook. Once you connect your Facebook account you get a filtered view of your news feed where the photos your friends are sharing are given the hero treatment.

App price: Free


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