Lumia App #67: Twitter Analytics

Lumia App #67: Twitter Analytics

Nowadays, the Twitter Analytics share their experience with the users, displaying them the statistics about how many users out there are using the Twitter application. Also, these users may look after the meanings of some words, such as hashtags and Twitter users. There will be other updated versions that are waiting to be launched, which will include numerous other features, among with the Twitter search keywords and syntax. Now, the comparative analysis of all the tweets, provides useful pieces of information, such as, retweets, tweeters and the tone of the tweets, using a dictionary or some kind of algorithms to make or to ease the calculation. All of these, result in an application, that has several screens, needed to display all the available information, so they are just using different charts like the next ones.

The bad news is that the search results aren’t infinite, so they were limited beginning with the last 4 -7 days, with a total amount of 1,500 tweets (and this is the maximum). These limits are taken into account and the application makes a lot of searches to see if these limits are achieved. It acquires a lot of information in its database, to ensure that all the information has been processed and the application can follow the activity of the Twitter users.

Because this is the first version, they can share their results among with the analysis on the social network, Tweeter, right from their own Windows Phone. Also, the users must know that there will be a lot of updates and other upcoming versions for the current Tweeter, that will have a more improved look and it will allows users to share anything else, beside the results that they are sharing with the current application.

App price: Free


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