Lumia App #70: MSN Messenger [Chinese Users only]

Lumia App #70: MSN Messenger [Chinese Users only]

In the recent-most press conference, Microsoft announced the official release of MSN Messenger app for Windows Phone users. However, the app will currently be made available only for the WP users in China. The app can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace, but all the info about the app is in Chinese.

To talk about the app, it is indeed quite well made and users can login through several accounts, something that many people would like. Though, it was a bit surprising that Microsoft has only released this app for Chinese people. May be, it is a test to see how well the app does in the Chinese market. Afterwards, they may think about launching it in English and other languages, if the app does well there. Let’s hope for the best.

App price: Free


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